Senior Technical Quality Specialist

This position requires the ability to secure a security clearance of secret level, if needed. 

The Senior Technical Quality Specialist is critical to ensuring products meet usability standards and Section 508/accessibility requirements. This key senior position will oversee workflow among Technical Quality Specialists. In that role, he or she will recommend personnel for projects based on skills and abilities, monitor the section for common issues among different projects, and propose new methods and technologies as appropriate to optimize workflow

Location:  Arlington, Virginia

  • Oversees Technical Quality Specialists (TQS), who interact with other training professionals to produce online learning materials.
  • Recommends personnel for projects/tasks based on skills and abilities.
  • Monitors work products of Technical Quality Specialists and escalates concerns as appropriate.
  • Provides support to Technical Quality Specialists to facilitate tight timelines in a results-oriented environment.
  • Represents the section in planning meetings with government staff.
  • Acts as liaison between section and other technical staff, if necessary.
  • Ensures products comply with section 508/federal accessibility regulations.
  • Works with design team (instructional designer, web content editor, graphic designer, and web developer) to address accessibility, usability, and functionality issues early in the design process.
  • Directs help desk tickets to appropriate staff for troubleshooting, assists helpdesk with testing/verification of user tickets, and coordinates changes/updates with technical staff.
  • Conducts testing of legacy courses to ensure accessibility standards are met with new systems and technologies, coordinates needed changes with technical staff.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Additional Experience - DHS Trusted Tester certification.
  • Additional Experience - Familiarity with US Government web development policies and standards.
  • Additional Experience - Familiarity with UI/UX principles.
  • Additional Experience - Experienced with appropriate hardware and software used in the creation of digital media.
  • Additional Experience - Experience with change and version control systems

Education and/or Experience

Minimum Education Required

Minimum Experience Required

  • Minimum 5 years related experience.
  • Demonstrated experience managing staff and monitoring performance against business goals.
  • Demonstrated experience working with production teams and managing product workflow.
  • Demonstrated expertise with section 508/web accessibility guidelines.
  • Demonstrated experience with JAWS and industry-standard accessibility/section 508 testing tools.
  • Demonstrated experience with online training products, including but not limited to responsive web pages, mobile apps, podcasts, and short video screenplays.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced environment while maintaining positive relationships with colleagues.

The Senior Technical Quality Specialist positions require 5 years of experience in order for the person to demonstrate the expert ability to test for functionality and accessibility of media-rich and complex courses and products, as well as build the leadership skills to work with/coach Technical Quality Specialists. Section 508 standards will become more rigorous in the coming years with the implementation of UCAG 2.0 standards and ISD is mandated to meet the requirements. This high-level position may be required to test new and unique products as ISD branches into new types of multimodal development.

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