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18th National Conference on Child Abuse & Neglect

Office on Child Abuse and Neglect, Children’s Bureau,
Administration on Children, Youth and Families,
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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Session Information


Engaging and Supporting Kinship Caregivers: An Effective Peer-to-Peer Approach

Presenters: Ramona Denby-Brinson, PhD,  Keith A. Alford, PhD
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Learning Cluster 4: Engaging Parents and Youth
Kinship caregivers prove invaluable to the child welfare system. Yet despite positive outcomes associated with kinship care, caregivers frequently fail to receive the services and support they need. A U.S. Children’s Bureau System of Care Demonstration Project—a peer-to-peer approach to supporting kinship caregivers—has yielded promising results. This session addresses the approach’s planning process, program components, and outcomes. Findings show that kinship liaisons are extremely helpful to caregivers and reveal 27 support categories that caregivers find most useful.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe previous lessons learned about the needs and strengths of kinship caregivers
  2. Identify a strategy for developing, implementing, and testing a peer-to-peer approach to supporting kinship caregivers
  3. Comment on effective components of a peer-to-peer kinship support approach
Session Handouts:

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