Government Contracting


Paltech’s clients are, for the most part, US Government agencies.  Since 1987, our veteran-owned company has served more than 80 offices within a broad spectrum of Cabinet-level Departments and Agencies -- from Health and Human Services to Commerce, from Treasury to State, and all branches of the Department of Defense. 

Every “Area of Expertise” described in this site has been developed and deployed in serving our Government clientele. Every “Case Study” illustrating the application of Paltech’s areas of expertise exemplifies how we listen to our government clients and provide precisely what they ask for and need.

Our steady growth in repeat business and inter-agency referrals has influenced the staffing of Paltech. Headquarters staff includes government contracting experts; and financial, accounting, and human resource personnel who have specialized knowledge of government regulations, methods, and requirements; as well as our technical experts.  This infrastructure allows our experienced, knowledgeable personnel to begin performing new contract or task order duties immediately.