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To accomplish the mission and report success, federal agencies must rely on an integrated suite of HR systems that track progress and tell a cohesive story of the agency’s achievements. Paltech has demonstrated capabilities in areas including creating agency business rules, tracking agency progress in hiring necessary skills, developing client facing portals, merging existing HR processes and procedures, and developing consistent and integrated HR policies and procedures. Paltech’s professionals have proven experience working with key officials in agencies such as Department of Defense and Food and Drug Administration to design, develop and implement an architect that integrates and/or links individual and isolated HR plans, policies and systems into a cohesive system that facilitates accomplishment of the agencies HR goals.

Foreign Service Institute Student Training Management System and Web (FSI STMS/Web) Contract

Client: Department of State (DoS), Foreign Service Institute (FSI), Corporate Systems (CS) Division

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Under the Department of State (DoS), Foreign Service Institute (FSI), Student Training Management System and Web Contract, Paltech developed, maintains, and operates FSI’s student training management system (STMS) and associated databases, while staying on-pace with technology and improving functionality. The STMS is a knowledge management (KM) intervention that tracks individual staff training records for use by Main State HR, as well as general training information. Paltech has taken the STMS KM system to the next level in terms of usability and integration with existing systems, and has enhanced collaboration through the creation and management of SharePoint sites used for team collaboration, project management, course material development, and online course support. Paltech strives for continuous improvement and is continually modifying STMS and its associated websites, content, and SharePoint sites to enhance their capabilities.