Corporate Capabilities

Customized Human Capital Solutions

Strategic Planning, Workforce Planning, and Workforce Assessment

Paltech’s demonstrated capabilities in strategic planning, workforce planning, and workforce assessment and have been successfully used to support a wide range of federal agencies. Our capabilities are based on proven industry practices and processes that include data collection from a variety of sources (including agency artifacts) so that HR Solutions recommended directly address root causes; informational analysis; survey and use of industry best practices; gap analysis; and solution customization. In the cases of workforce planning and competency development, our capabilities include workforce mapping that assists agencies in realigning resources, and skills assessment to determine the agency readiness. Our methodology avoids surface and “one size fits all” solutions, creating a platform for agencies to better integrate solutions into the culture and particular requirements of the agency’s workforce.

Head Start Resource Center (HSRC)

Client: Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families (ACF), Office of Head Start (OHS)

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Paltech’s Head Start Resource Center (HSRC) specialists assist the Office of Head Start (OHS) by conducting strategic planning, providing project leadership, supporting initiative implementation, developing and evaluating key performance metrics, analyzing trends in performance, and providing technical assistance and training to OHS staff, its partners, and customers. HSRC’s workforce planning strategy includes managing all aspects of the National Head Start Fellowships (Fellowships) Program, spearheading the professional development of more than 50 early childhood professionals since 2006, and providing experienced professionals to deliver onsite support to OHS. Paltech’s HSRC specialists manage all aspects of the program, including the candidate selection process, human resources support, ongoing training, and a professional development program that both strengthens core skills and provides Fellows the opportunity to learn first-hand from leaders in the field through leadership development seminars, briefings, site visits, and mentoring.