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Leadership Assessment and Development

What is MENTOR®?
MENTOR® is a powerful, research-based leadership assessment tool used to:

  • Measure current and future leadership potential
  • Assess underlying motives and needs for more effective leader development
  • Identify those most likely to succeed as strategic leaders

What can MENTOR® do for you? 
MENTOR® will help maximize executive leader performance in your organization. It will enable you to:

  • Select applicants who perform well in leadership positions
  • Develop current leaders more rapidly and efficiently
  • Improve recruitment and succession planning efforts
  • Save time and money on leadership development initiatives

MENTOR® is mapped against US Government Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and fully supports Office of Personnel Management (OPM) mandated executive development programs.

How is MENTOR® used? 
MENTOR® has been validated against leader job performance across organizational levels for a wide variety of positions in the public and private sectors. MENTOR® is culturally fair and has no gender or race bias.

When used for individual development, the MENTOR® System has three elements:

  • A Web-based assessment system that measures inherent psychological characteristics critical for leader success
  • A narrative feedback report that identifies strengths and key developmental challenges
  • A personalized, one-on-one feedback session for accelerating individual leader development


When used at the organizational level, MENTOR® can provide:

  • A group leadership profile
  • Recommendations for succession planning and development
  • Recommendations for candidate selection and position fit
  • Identification of individuals with the highest leadership potential

The MENTOR® system is highly practical and cost effective:

  • Online assessment system eliminates the need for extended, costly travel to assessment centers
  • A comprehensive leadership assessment is accomplished in a half-day online session, minimizing the disruption of work activities
  • A detailed individualized narrative feedback report on critical leadership strengths and areas of concern is available shortly after completion of the online assessments

MENTOR® is based on decades of research on the connections between personality, conceptual ability and leadership effectiveness. It was developed to identify key leadership attributes that predict leader success in public and private sector organizations.


How do I get MENTOR®
For more information about MENTOR®  contact us at: or 703 243 0495.