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Integrated Training Capabilities

Rapidly-changing requirements for Department of Defense (DoD) training and technical manuals have made life-cycle support, reusable training elements, Web deployment and use of commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) infrastructure essential features of effective training.

Our training capabilities are comprehensive. Clients rely on Gradient to provide all aspects of training from needs assessment to marketing of training programs, performance monitoring and evaluation. Tasks include:

  • Instructional needs assessment, task analysis and instructional analysis
  • Blended learning, combining instructor-led training with job-aids and technical manuals
  • Web-based training and simulations
  • Electronic Performance Support Systems integration and reuse with technical publications
  • Internet- and Intranet-based knowledge dissemination applications
  • Training marketing and implementation plans
  • Functional requirements analysis for learning management systems
  • Training evaluation plans and metrics

In response to the need for technical data and training that could be deployed rapidly, delivered anywhere in the world, and immediately updated, Gradient developed a multi-tiered software platform called GeARS.

GeARS manages media-rich content including text, graphics, photography, 2D drawings, 3D models, animations, simulations, and video to engage the end user and teach personnel how to maintain and operate mission critical equipment. The front end of GeARS is a Web deployable non-proprietary viewer designed by instructional systems designers (ISD) and graphical user interface (GUI) experts. GeARS houses, transforms, and renders XML conforming to modern international standards (W3C, S1000D, DITA, SCORM).

Key features of GeARS include:

  • Media-rich content delivery
  • Human-centered front end
  • Content management and reuse tools delivered with the system
  • Life-cycle management and support capabilities
  • Common Web technology for delivery (browser, Flash and Acrobat plug-ins)
  • Ability to run in both connected and stand-alone environments