Corporate Capabilities

Program Monitoring & Evaluation


Paltech has in recent years developed a team of professionals who specialize in evaluating and monitoring programs – generally, government-funded programs – to help all the parties involved determine how effective and cost-efficient their programs and policies are, and how they might be improved.  Specifically, we:

  • Evaluate programs and policies for funding agencies—we conduct evaluations incorporating both outcome and process implementation approaches to evaluation.
  • Provide technical assistance in evaluation to those receiving funding—we help grantees, communities, and states think through the steps involved with evaluating results.
  • Develop and negotiate cross-site performance measures and quality assurance systems—we develop these systems for grant programs that must report performance on an individual and aggregate basis. 
  • Provide technical assistance in program and policy development—we link grantees, communities, and states with resources from the field and peers.