Corporate Capabilities

Customized Training & Learning Solutions


Training and learning solutions can range from conventional training (in-classroom, online, enterprise-wide training systems) to non-training alternatives that may involve mentoring, coaching, developmental assignments, action learning projects, and shadowing. Paltech understands that the Federal government is seeking vendors to support the design, development, and implementation of new and innovative training and learning solutions to a varied target audience. Paltech’s approach to implementation allows for customization to meet client-specific needs without sacrificing efficiencies and quality.

Technology-based Training/Training Program Management

Mobile Classroom

Client: Department of State, Foreign Service Institute, Office of the Executive Director for Management, Instructional Support Division (FSI/EX/ISD)

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Paltech has effectively managed training implementation for each course delivered and has applied creative solutions to ensure the most efficient conduct of training. For FSI, Paltech was tasked with providing training on the Microsoft Office suite to Department of State personnel at U.S. embassies worldwide. However, training equipment and resources varied greatly from post to post, posing potential problems to the delivery of training. To address this, a mobile classroom was built around 10 to 12 networked laptop computers. One laptop was configured as a server, the others as workstations. All required software was preloaded and the classroom network was designed to be set up on site quickly and easily. Trainers simply took the mobile classroom with them wherever training was needed, ensuring that all necessary equipment and software was readily available for each course implementation.



Technology-based Training/Learning Aids & Performance Support Tools

SMART Messaging for Users

Client: Department of State, Foreign Service Institute, Office of the Executive Director for Management, Instructional Support Division (FSI/EX/ISD)

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Paltech tests products such as courses, learning aids, and tools on the specified Learning Management System (LMS) to ensure that it loads and to certify that the SCORM-compliant product operates on the LMS. This includes testing on development, staging, and production systems. LMS testing will also verify that test-scoring, bookmark, and suspend features function properly. Once the training product is operational, live testing will begin on a segment of the target audience before the product is distributed widely. The graphic at right is a screenshot of learning/job aid from a distance learning course SMART Messaging for Users.



In-person Training Events


Client: Office of Head Start (OHS)

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Paltech, through the Head Start Resource Center (HSRC) contract, has successfully planned, coordinated, and conducted hundreds of in-person training events (meetings, conferences and institutes) for OHS. Once, the HSRC coordinated 11 conferences/trainings around the country in 3 months. In 2009, HSRC staff conducted 3 meetings in 3 different venues in 1 week for 658 participants with audiences that overlapped.

Nearly 3,000 Head Start staff and parent leaders attended the 1st National Birth to Five Leadership Institute (Oct. 2011) in Washington, DC. The HSRC worked with OHS to design the content (including topics and speakers), coordinated logistics, prepared the conference program and other resources, and implemented the Institute. This was the first national Head Start meeting where materials were provided online and on thumb drives instead of in hard copy.