Corporate Capabilities

Customized Training & Learning Solutions

PMO/Enterprise Level

Complexity and diversity in large-scale implementations require a team with proven experience in project management processes and technical implementations specific to training organizations such as training departments, corporate universities, school houses, and human resources departments. Paltech has extensive experience at the major program and enterprise level for such organizations as proven by our work supporting the PMO offices of the Foreign Service Institute, Health and Human Services University, and Office of Head Start.

Instructor-led Training/Technology-based Training/Learning Aids & Performance Support Tools

HHS Learning Portal/LMS

Client: NIH

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Under this contract, Paltech implemented a new HHS-wide Learning Management System (LMS) that allows approximately 70,000 learners to receive 24/7 LMS support for the system as needed. Paltech staff have developed easy to access, easy to use LMS end user guide and tip sheets that guide the users allow the end users to accomplish any task that they would have do in the LMS. This end user documentation is provided in the form of simple step-by-step procedures that are easily to locate for all of the users of the system. Paltech staff have developed training materials and delivered LMS training for HR Said help desk personnel to prepare them to be able to provide LMS support to end users. Paltech staff have analyzed and cleaned up existing help desk ticket raw data that was entered into the HR Said Wiki Knowledge Base for use as a resource for HR Said help desk personnel. Having these resources available have increased the user’s familiarity and level of comfort with the LMS system.



Evaluation and Validation

Validation Tool

Client: U.S. Army Distance Learning Educational Training Products (dLETP) and Combined Arms Products, Distance Learning (CAPdl)

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Evaluation. Evaluation is used to determine the instructional effectiveness of training development products. Paltech understands that training products and learning assets must be evaluated and revised, if necessary, to ensure instructional accuracy and efficacy. Paltech incorporates training evaluation as a systematic, continuous process and we will perform formative and summative training evaluation for training products as required by our customers.

Validation. For computer-based and web-based interactive training, Paltech’s Validation Tool is used during training evaluation to validate the completed interactive training by tracking and monitoring learners’ movements and progress. The tool is also used as part of the project completion and close-out process. The tool is web-based and allows robust reporting and other administrative functions such as online surveys for learners to complete at the end of the training evaluation period.