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Customized Training & Learning Solutions

Processes and Best Practices

Paltech monitors cost and tracks project schedule by using appropriate development methodologies and processes to meet customer requirements and design specifications. We offer a wide range of development choices from Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) tools to customized authoring tools and custom programming, each option comes with its own streamlined process and best practices. Our development methodologies and processes were crafted based on our extensive experience serving the Federal government for over two decades, and go through continuous refinement and modifications to ensure optimal results. Paltech understands Federal government’s needs for unique specific requirements. Our development processes reflect industry best practices and are flexible and adaptable to develop customized training and learning solutions.

Technology-based Training/Learning Aids and Performance Support Tools

Cross-browser Development and Technical Specifications

Client: Department of State, Foreign Service Institute, Office of the Executive Director for Management, Instructional Support Division (FSI/EX/ISD)

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In response to increased demands, FSI/EX/ISD needed to deliver cross-browser compatible training resources, expanding its baseline Internet Explorer (IE) deployment. The Paltech team implemented a comprehensive strategy to upgrade a single-purpose IE based proprietary authoring engine to meet cross-browser and mobile requirements. The team identified two major needs:

  • Conversion of legacy language courseware, currently programmed to limited IE6 standards
  • Rapid development of current and future courseware for cross browser access

Paltech’s cyclical development process provided direction across a multi-year schedule targeting 22 known language deliverables and 6 original tradecraft-oriented distance learning courses.



Learning Aids & Performance Support Tools

Express Mobile

Client: Department of State, Foreign Service Institute, Office of the Executive Director for Management, Instructional Support Division (FSI/EX/ISD)

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FSI initiated a query for the development of mobile enabled language resources targeted to DOS personnel deployed to Afghanistan. This was defined as an exploratory phase and the project was approved with a limited budget and a three month timeframe for delivery. A schedule-responsive solution, submitted by Paltech, proposed to repurpose existing Distance Learning content in diverse modalities. The Express Mobile resources in Dari and Pashto were point-of-need references for staff lacking basic fluency in these languages. Each resource consisted of multiple lessons presented in video/audio cast/text formats and contained 20 to 40 minutes of multimedia material. Focused on key vocabulary and phrases, they were targeted to work topics, crisis, and emergency situational response. Developed in a two month time period, Express Mobile was incorporated as a blended learning tool for classroom based Afghan Familiarization courses.



Performance Support Tools

Response Boat - Medium IETM

Client: DHS, U.S. Coast Guard

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As part of its Integrated Logistics Support requirement, the Response Boat-Medium (RB-M) program needed a robust software solution integrating myriad logistics, technical data, and training data into a single view, multi-tiered Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) system. The data need to be neutral in format, deployable via the web, media-rich, and hull-specific for 250 uniquely configured boats.

In response to this challenge Paltech provided, and currently maintains, a web-deployable, non-proprietary IETP platform which tags, manages, transforms, and renders XML to conform to international technical publication and web-based learning standards. The Paltech IETP platform successfully provides a unified view to all vital RB-M operations and maintenance data. Its use of media rich content such as video, animation, and 3D models provides users with a visual, cognitive tool for boat familiarization and system/subsystem configuration. Additionally, Paltech’s integrated approach provides job performance support on high deficiency equipment and ensures training concurrency with hull-specific system configuration. It is a life cycle support tool that ties technical data to training data.