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Customized Training & Learning Solutions

PMO/Course Level

Much of the investment in a course is made during the design and development phases of the project, but no matter how well a course has been developed, if implementation is not handled correctly, it could adversely affect the success of the course. Successful implementation at the individual course delivery level is critical to ensure success at the program level. This responsibility is shared between the Program Management Office and course development team and stresses the need for the development team to be well versed and experienced in supporting the PMO during the implementation phase. Paltech has the capability of successfully implementing and providing PMO support for individual training products and services delivered via the web, mobile, LMS, CD/DVD, electronic file, paper documents, and classroom instruction.

Instructor-led Training/Technology-based Training/Evaluation and Assessment/Training Program Management

SharePoint for the Instructional Support Division

Client: Department of State, Foreign Service Institute, Office of the Executive Director for Management, Instructional Support Division (FSI/EX/ISD)

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At FSI, Microsoft SharePoint was released in 2009 for each school at FSI to implement and utilize internally and externally. Paltech FSI team was tasked to design and deliver training for the Instructional Support Division staff and its clients. A team of Paltech designers and developers gathered to assess the most optimal usage of SharePoint for the Instructional Support Division and developed an instructional sound approach to designing the user interface and SharePoint web parts and delivering classroom training for ISD staff members.



Technology-based Training/Learning Aids and Performance Support Tools

ICAPIII IETM and Content Management Tool

Client: NAVAIR

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Paltech has successfully delivered a wide range of training products, such as web-based courseware, Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs), and embedded training, on multiple platforms, including servers, standalone computers, tablets, mobile devices, and CD/DVDs. For example, Paltech worked closely with the Joint Aviation Technical Data Integration (JATDI) program to set up the first server to house a class IV IETM content management system. The system allows Department of Defense personnel to change content and update IETMs dynamically in real time. Paltech supported the PMO by identifying system and security requirements specific to the client’s environment, developing system architecture documentation, and designing and delivering content data manager training.