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Evaluation is used to validate content prior to launching the training and to determine the instructional effectiveness of training development products. Paltech understands that training products and learning assets must be evaluated and revised, if necessary, to ensure instructional accuracy and efficacy. We incorporate training evaluation as a systematic, continuous process and will perform formative and summative training evaluation for training products as required by our customers.

Technology-based Training

SMART Messaging for Users

Client: Department of State, Foreign Service Institute, Office of the Executive Director for Management, Instructional Support Division (FSI/EX/ISD)

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Paltech has provided over 280 formative and summative evaluations on our FSI contract. Each course goes through a pilot test/prototype review to allow subject matter experts (SMEs) and customers to review content, functionality, and overall look and feel before the remaining course is developed. Upon completion of the developed course, Paltech conducts either an individual or group trial to review the course in its entirety. Any and all comments are corrected before delivering the training . Student comments are tracked and analyzed at 90 or 180 day post course launch to ensure course content stays current and accurate. At the end of each course, we provide a completion survey for students to provide feedback. The graphic at right is a screenshot of the completion survey link from the SMART Messaging for Users course.


Learning Aids and Performance Support Tools

Validation Tool


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For computer-based and web-based interactive training, Paltech’s Validation Tool is used during training evaluation to validate the completed interactive training by tracking and monitoring learners’ movements and progress. The tool is also used as part of the project completion and close-out process. The tool is web-based and allows robust reporting and other administrative functions such as online surveys for learners to complete at the end of the training evaluation period. The tool allows the Team to:

  • Track the learner’s progress through all learning objects/Sharable Content Objects (SCOs)
  • Track time spent per attempt/access
  • Provide security to the content via standard username and password protection
  • Allow the content to be viewed at learner’s own pace and track the learner’s progress per login
  • Provide web-based reports from the tool’s administration site