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Customized Training & Learning Solutions

Front-end Analysis

Front-end analysis (FEA) is a systematic process tailored to determine the most optimal training/learning solution in order to meet the needs and goals of the target audience/learning organization. In addition, it is the primary means of diagnosing and resolving performance problems. With over 16 years of experience, Paltech is well-versed in conducting FEA for a wide variety of training and learning solutions such as instructor-led, mentoring/coaching, web-based, mobile, Learning Management System (LMS), print, and CD/DVD.

Technology-Based Training

Advanced Foreign Area Officer

Client: Defense Language Institute

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Paltech conducted a front-end analysis to identify the major job functions of Foreign Area Officers, determine their critical tasks, and identify the performance gaps in their training. We analyzed the major job functions for each of the 18 topic areas included in 6 different language courses. The 18 validated listings of major job functions and identified performance gaps determined the scenarios, activities, instructional approach, and critical tasks for the eLearning courses.



Technology-based Training/Training Program Management

Tobacco Inspector Training Manual

Client: Office of Personnel Management, Food and Drug Administration (OPM FDA)

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Paltech conducted a front-end analysis and diagnostics for U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ FDA’s Office of Compliance and Enforcement, Center for Tobacco Products. The overall objective of this analysis was to take the existing FDA training manual and further develop, implement, and maintain it into an effective interactive, virtual training program for the FDA’s Tobacco Retail Inspection Program (TRIP). This interactive training program analysis incorporated content provided by the FDA to enhance individuals’ abilities to conduct tobacco retail inspections and comply with requirements of TRIP.