The Company

Our People

Employees share our corporate values - dedication to customer service, customer satisfaction, and ethical behavior - and our enthusiasm for a job well done.

Teams at Paltech work very hard. Individual employees wouldn’t think of letting down the team by giving less than 100% of their energy, talent, and intellect. We relish challenging assignments, and we never rest until the job is done and our clients are totally happy. Then we celebrate our success as a team, recognizing each individual’s unique contributions.

We believe the diversity of our workforce is vital to our success working with government agencies in our specialized area of adult learning. Our more than 200 employees include:

More than 40 foreign languages are spoken by one or more workers at Paltech.

“In an era of intellectual property, your employees are your assets.” – Dr. Omar Kader
Paltech employees are highly educated:

We also maintain an active roster of subject matter experts who are eager to share their specialized knowledge on short-term projects.

Our workforce is stable, with low turnover rates and an active program of promotion from within that contributes to high staff morale.